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I'm a highly accomplished sales and marketing professional, with over 20 years of experience in dozens of market verticals and with hundreds of corporate accounts managed.

My core competencies are as a communications and business development specialist who is highly proficient in Microsoft Office products, Adobe products for graphic design, website build and management systems, Search Engine Optimization,  Email, and Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, and more. 


I am also very experienced with the Salesforce, Neon, and Donor Perfect CRM systems.  I have set up several large drip email funnel systems and a website that handles over 2,000 monthly website visits and downloads at a consistent 8-10% CTR, driven by PPC advertising.  I am proficient in the management of the Constant Contact, Hubspot, GetResponse, Zoho, and Mailchimp email systems. I also have extensive experience with the Wild Apricot membership management system.

Working remotely and via online conferencing while retaining high-level relationships with teammates and clients has been a necessity both in my sales career and as a communications professional, and an area in which  I'm very experienced and accomplished.

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